Roseville High School Team Takes Second Place at Michigan Envirothon State Competition

Friday, May 15, 2015

Roseville High School Team Takes Second Place at Michigan Envirothon State Competition

A team of students from Roseville High School took second place at the Michigan Envirothon State Competition on Friday May 8th, 2015 at Ft. Custer training base in Augusta, MI.  Each member of the team received a scholarship to MSU and other awards and prizes. The Roseville High School team, “Sandy Loam”, included Allen Adams, Joe Kavalchik,, Kyle Rumer, Mike McConnel, Morgan Barbaret, Nathan Richendollar, Philip Longueuil, and Tylor Roberts.  Finishing first and third for overall score were Caleb and the Galaxy Gals from Glen Lake and the Track Pack from Branch Area Career Center respectively.  The state champs will represent Michigan this summer at the North American Envirothon Competition, where they will battle it out against other top teams from the U.S and Canada in Springfield, Missouri.

The 21st annual Michigan Envirothon State Competition hosted remarkable students from around the state.  Twenty four teams qualified and received invitations to the state competition held May 6th – 8th at Ft. Custer training center in Augusta, Michigan. Teams qualified through regional contests held around the state throughout the month of March.

During the State Competition, teams utilized “eco-stations” for hands-on testing in the areas of forestry, urban forestry, soils, aquatic ecology, wildlife, energy, and agriculture. This year’s eco-stations featured a prairie, with active and ongoing prairie vole studies, a fen, forest habitats, and a pasture dairy and automated LEED certified milking facility.

Teams also identified and remedied a natural resource concern in their communities as part of the challenge to be named state champ. A panel of judges evaluated oral and written presentations given by each team, which detailed their community outreach project. As always, all of the teams implemented impressive community action and outreach projects.  Sandy Loam sought to address the issue and lack of sustainable and local food systems in their urban community.

Michigan Envirothon is a high school environmental education and community action program administered by the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts, a 501(C)3 non profit organization. High school students from anywhere in Michigan are eligible to compete. For more information about Michigan Envirothon go to or contact Angela Sandusky, Michigan Envirothon coordinator at or (517)930-7449.


*Photos are available upon request