Convention Agenda

The MACD Convention and Annual Meeting has a power packed agenda!  We have a full schedule of breakout sessions on business, technical, business management and program specific topics.  

At A Glance Agendas: 

Thursday November 9/20/17 Draft Agenda - pdf
Friday, November 9/20/17 Draft Agenda - pdf

Session Descriptions:

Thursday Session Descriptions 10/6/17 - pdf
Friday Session Descriptions 10/6/17 - pdf

Continuing Education Credits will be available:

RUP Credits (pending approval):
MAEAP - 4 credits 
Invasive Species - 5 credits

CCA Approved CEU’s:
November 1st - Closing the Deal With Rural Landowners
Professional Development CEUs: 5

November 2nd - MAEAP Kickoff Sessions:
Nutrient Management CEUs: 2
Soil & Water Management CEUs: 3
Professional Development CEUs: 1

November 3rd - MAEAP Kickoff Day 2
Nutrient Management CEUs: 1
Soil & Water Management CEUs: 2
Integrated Pest Management CEUs: 1

Attendees are to see session moderators for details/forms